Floor Plan for Real Estate Marketing


Hello, I’m Ben Gutierrez, and today I’m sharing my expertise on a crucial aspect of real estate photography: floor plans. With years of experience under my belt, I’ve come to understand how essential a well-crafted floor plan is in showcasing a property’s true potential.

The Significance of Floor Plans

As a real estate photographer, I’ve seen first hand how a floor plan can transform a listing. It’s not just about presenting images; it’s about giving potential buyers a comprehensive view of the property. A floor plan does exactly that, offering a bird’s-eye perspective that can be a game-changer in their decision-making process.

Starting with Floor Plans

Gathering Your Tools

In my journey, I’ve found that precision is key. To start, you’ll need accurate measuring tools like a laser measure or a tape measure, and a reliable floor plan software. Of course, your camera equipment is essential for capturing the unique elements of each room.

Understanding the Space

Before I draw a single line, I walk through the property. It’s crucial to note the size of each room, the location of doors and windows, and any unique features. Accuracy here is non-negotiable.

Creating the Floor Plan

Measuring and Sketching

The first step is to measure and sketch each room. I always double-check my measurements. Accuracy here sets the foundation for a successful floor plan.

Bringing Sketches to Life

Next, I transfer these sketches into my chosen software. This step is where rough sketches become polished, professional floor plans. Experimenting with different styles and layouts can truly bring a space to life.

Professional Touches

Adding Details

Details matter. Including elements like door swings, window locations, and fixed furniture provides depth and insight into the layout.

Aesthetic Appeal

A floor plan should be as visually appealing as it is informative. Choosing the right color scheme and labeling style is crucial for clarity and visual impact.

Delivering the Final Product

Quality Assurance

Before presenting a floor plan, I ensure it’s error-free and accurately represents the property. It’s a reflection of my professionalism and attention to detail.


I present floor plans in high resolution, often integrating them with my photographs in virtual tours or listings.


Creating floor plans has become an integral part of my real estate photography services. It’s more than just drawing; it’s about providing a visual story of the property. With these insights, I hope to inspire you to add floor plans to your portfolio, enhancing the way you present properties to potential buyers.

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